Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to make secure file transfer from remote host to your local host

                                                                                                                   step 1
                                                                                          scp  /root/Desktop/filename.png  root@

step 2 
connect over ssh to your server or remote host

step 3
change directory to  file you need 
cd /Documents/

step 4
if ssh not enabled  or disconnected 
use command on your local host 
(or enable ssh)
service ssh restart

step 5

scp lastrec root@
(don't forget use    sudo)

step 6
om my local host

step 7

on my remote server
 the end.

you have to be connected over ssh to remote host
 and  in your case possibly
scp  /home/john/file you want to   username@

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