Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to setup static ip address in debian or ubuntu desktop or ubuntu server UPDATED for ubuntu 16.04

                                                                 step 1
                                                just check your interfaces
                                sudo ifconfig  or ifconfig (from root)

step 2

default DHCP(router gives out each time a new IP address)

step 3

backup your   network configuration file ( recommended ) 

step 4

just chek 

step 5

install arp-scan   (don't forget use sudo)    

step 6

use command      arp-scan -I eth0 -l
arp-scan --interface=eth0 --localnet

step 7

now you know which ip addresses on your LAN are occupied

step 8

check ip address of your default router 

step 9


step 10 

time to change your IP address
command    nano /etc/network/interfaces

step 11

   auto eth0
                     iface eth0  inet static

(number in red color need to be changed to the number you want)

to safe and exit nano text editor use command Ctrl+x and then press y

step 12 
(in case if you change your mind and want to use old settings)
just comment lines
you need to restart your system 
your choice
without living your desktop 

command     /etc/init.d/networking restart
you can do manually(just press restart button)  
the end for debian

step 13

this step  only for ubuntu desktop or server 
sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

step 14

UBUNTU 16.04

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